Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Personally Meaningful

This series is a set that is more meaningful to me in a very personal way.  They are either from a spiritual source or a from the deep feelings that come from your relationships with your family.

A Man of Sorrows, A Man of Joy
(Isaiah 53)

Some of those most paradoxical things in this life are the most attractive.  This painting has a great deal of meaning for me.  It is very symbolic of some experiential elements and thereby difficult to explain, but the best
explanation is in Isaiah 53.


I want to go here one day.  David fled here when Saul was pursuing him in the wilderness.  Engedi means, "Fountain of the Kid."  In the New Testament, in the book of John, the Lord hung on the cross as the Lamb of God.  There His side was pierced and out flowed blood and water in a stream, blood for His redemption, water for His regeneration (John 19:34).  The cross is our hiding place. Song of Songs calls this place, "The precipice of the rock."  

Leaving Home
(for Andrew)

I explained this one on my other blogger site, where I consider technique and the painting experience.  This one is for my son Andrew, the oldest who wasn't really sure if he wanted to leave the nest.  This is a little conference to consider the matter.

Reflections of a Crane
(for Philip)

In learning to know my second son Philip, I have come to realize that he is a reflector and a thinker.  The artist who lives in Florida, I painted this one for him at the time when he first moved there.

                          The Road

Autumn is a season of refreshing for me, as I can drink in the color in the midst of cooling air and atmosphere.  Because I stay indoors more, it draws me to pull out my paintbrush and paints more often.  I think I live in my imagination some where down the road and around the bend.

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