Sunday, February 20, 2011


This is another one straight out of my imaginary world, so with no context the accuracy is discredited a bit.  However, it is very enjoyable to sit and talk to some of my family members on the phone and paint a picture at the same time, a bit like doodling. Painting while talking on the phone can definitely be a problem with the more active medium of physical paint.  I stand and paint and at home I often move around a lot.  I used MyPaint for Linux and just my mouse to paint this one and it felt a bit like painting with acrylics, which I haven't used for years.  This is very different than the previous painting of the mountain and meadow which, because of the pen selections on MyPaint, was more like using watercolors. I used a Wacom Tablet for that painting.  I just wish that I could crop the painting as my monitor is too small and the palette is too large. 
Boat of Dreams

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