Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Walking the Dog

Pooches are almost as interesting as their masters.   

Tuesday, October 2, 2012


This painting on rice paper is using a wax resist method much like batik is done on silk.  This one is of a flock of terns of course!  Below is a segment of the painting.  Intentionally wrinkled, it cracks the was creating those nuances that Oriental paintings often has.  This copy is not very true to detail or color, but i did want to show the interesting torn edges of the rice paper finish in the lower picture.  

Friday, June 22, 2012

Suspicious Looks from a Robin

Standing Guard on a Branch

A big fat robin often comes and sits on the railing of the second story porch, and then, noticing that I too am there, flies off to a near wire or branch to look at me suspiciously.  I don't know what he could be so suspicious of, as it truly looks as if he had eaten all of the worms and insects on the acre that he seems to be king of.   Truly, he doesn't know that my taste for such tidbits had long ago retired in childhood after a few tries of various garden wigglies.  I soon learned that the peas that grew along the fence and the apples that hung on low branches were the better culinary choice.  No, I think he really isn't thinking about what I'm eating, though I might be enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with my book.  I know those unknown delights don't interest him. Still, this bird's curiosity of me is no less than my own for him. It is this mutual inquisitiveness that has inspired a book that I am in the middle of writing and illustrating. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Woman With Basket

I've been reading a lot about Africa lately and in my exploration, I cannot help but have prayer rise up in me for this large continent with so many people, with so many different backgrounds and cultures, some with unbelievable hardships.  Woman and children are the weakest ones in tragedy and my heart is going out to them all, but especially these, and so I began a drawing of a woman with a basket on her shoulder.  As you can see, the basket is not there yet.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Psalm 84

I just drew a couple of illustrations for a lovely and experiential psalm, number 84.  I took the text from the recovery version of the holy bible.  

Psalms 84

1 How lovely are Your tabernacles, O Jehovah of hosts!
2 My soul longs, indeed even faints, For the courts of Jehovah; My heart and my flesh cry out To the living 

3 At Your two altars even the sparrow has found a home; 

And the swallow, a nest for herself, Where she may lay her young, O Jehovah of hosts, my King and my God.

4 Blessed are those who dwell in Your house; They will yet be praising You.
5 Blessed is the man whose strength is in You, In whose heart are the highways to Zion.
6 Passing through the valley of Baca, They make it a spring; Indeed the early rain covers it with blessings.
7 They go from strength to strength; Each appears before God in Zion.
8 O Jehovah God of hosts, hear my prayer; Give ear, O God of Jacob.
9 Behold our shield, O God; And look upon the face of Your anointed.
10 For a day in Your courts is better than a thousand; I would rather stand at the threshold of the house of my God Than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
11 For Jehovah God is a sun and a shield; Jehovah gives grace and glory; He does not withhold anything good From those who walk uprightly.
12 O Jehovah of hosts, blessed is the man Who trusts in You.

To get a free New Testament study Bible with outlines, helpful cross references and outstanding footnotes, you can contact myself or go to BFA.org.  

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sad, Empty Town

We want something to fill us, but in the end, we still feel empty unless we put something of substance, of worth, of long-lasting value into our lives, into our beings.  We need the One who is life to fill us.  Everything else fails.  When we are walking the roads of this life, do we take time to consider what kind of road we are walking on, what destination is awaiting for us at the end of it?  There is only One who is life.  Every other life has an end, a finality, but there is a life in which every other life was patterned after, but every other life is a shadow, a picture, a hollow shell of what is real.  Do we want to chase after only phantom imaginations, struggling to build up an abiding place for our vacant pursuits?   Or, do we want something really worth while, worth our valuable lives to run after?

We have such a limited time really.  Wouldn't the life that is REALLY life be something worthwhile to fill us?  Jesus, the Son of God, who was God who became man, said, "I am the way, and the reality and the life," John 14:6a.  How can a man say that He is THE life?  He was God, and this God-man has been processed through His human living, crucifixion, resurrection and ascension to become the Life-Giving Spirit (I Cor. 15:45b) to become your life.  That is, He wants to indwell you as God indwelt Jesus, to become not merely your Savior (which He is) but to become your life! John 10:10b says, "I have come that they may have life and may have it abundantly."   Do you feel empty, that your life is a pursuing after vanity?  Then call upon the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and ask Him to be your Savior AND your life!  (Acts 2:21)!