Friday, June 22, 2012

Suspicious Looks from a Robin

Standing Guard on a Branch

A big fat robin often comes and sits on the railing of the second story porch, and then, noticing that I too am there, flies off to a near wire or branch to look at me suspiciously.  I don't know what he could be so suspicious of, as it truly looks as if he had eaten all of the worms and insects on the acre that he seems to be king of.   Truly, he doesn't know that my taste for such tidbits had long ago retired in childhood after a few tries of various garden wigglies.  I soon learned that the peas that grew along the fence and the apples that hung on low branches were the better culinary choice.  No, I think he really isn't thinking about what I'm eating, though I might be enjoying a cup of tea or coffee with my book.  I know those unknown delights don't interest him. Still, this bird's curiosity of me is no less than my own for him. It is this mutual inquisitiveness that has inspired a book that I am in the middle of writing and illustrating. 

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